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We provide hands-on KYC expertise directly to clients with discretion and efficiency.


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Maven Diligence provides support to our clients to enable Know Your Client (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT). We allow our clients to meet their regulatory obligations and efficiently perform the correct due diligence, delivering best practices, change management expertise and KYC proficiency.

Our objective is to disentangle the complexity of risk and facilitate transparency; enabling our clients to make informed critical decisions and thrive within their regulatory environment.

Our Services

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Maven Diligence relies on best practices, change management expertise and KYC proficiency to ensure our clients are thriving within their regulatory environment. We offer discretion, expertise and efficiency. Please contact us to learn more.

KYC, AML & CFT - Project Management, Delivery and Advisory Services  Maven Diligence

KYC, AML & CFT - Project Management, Delivery and Advisory Services

We work with clients to enhance existing processes, perform remediation and facilitate changes in operating models. We provide consulting services, as well as end-to-end project delivery.  We are positioned to deliver a range of services from small pieces of work to large scale projects.

Reciprocal KYC Maven Diligence

Reciprocal KYC

If you find that your financial service providers are bombarding you with multiple requests for KYC documentation, we will compile and maintain a pack which facilitates the smooth onboarding of your organisation and enable you to respond to requests for information.

KYC, AML & CFT Training Maven Diligence

KYC, AML & CFT Training

Our proven curriculum can be drawn on in accordance to your needs.  We believe that KYC starts at the front of any shop and are experienced in providing training for sales people.  We also offer classroom in-depth analyst training to those whose primary function is KYC. We can provide ongoing regular training or offer ad hoc tailored training.

Client Risk Review Maven Diligence

Client Risk Reviews

Our on-demand risk reviews enable clients to access succinct information on counterparties or individuals.  The review depicts the risks faced, with suggested mitigations in accordance with risk appetite.

KYC Readiness Maven Diligence

KYC Readiness

Our experts can assist clients starting up in new areas or jurisdictions to ensure they are able to effectively conduct the appropriate Due Diligence. Clients engage us to conduct AML health checks and reviews at any point in their growth cycle.                                                                                                                                                                          

3rd Party Provider Reviews Maven Diligence

3rd Party Provider Reviews

We are technology agnostic and recognise that clients have different needs at different times.  We can conduct assessments and reviews of the various technology and data offerings available and provide suggestions on how to best utilise the tools available.


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It is vital for all organisations no matter their industry to know their clients.

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